Tanner Bingaman

writhing folk from the hills of appalachia

Songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Tanner Bingaman plays writhing folk from the hills of Appalachia via guitar, banjo, & harmonica. Tanner's songs are an everything-but-the-kitchen-sink gumbo, with explorations ranging from poignant punk melodies to rapturous and uncanny instrumental meditations, oftentimes finding himself perplexed by the task of coming down from yet another improvisational meandering. Tanner prefers barefoot walking and once saved the family dog from a rattlesnake.

Tanner has been happily featured on NPR stations throughout Pennsylvania, and he has shared stages with some of his favorite songwriters including Charlie Parr, Darrin Hacquard, and Sam Bailey. In 2021, Tanner was awarded Emerging Artist of the Year by the Susquehanna Folk Music Society, and in 2023, Tanner played his first international show with his New Zealand family of musicians (Jesse and Vince Pakipaki), raising funds for flood-relief efforts on the North Island. He is currently playing shows all over the Lower 48. Tanner is an active member of the bands Tanjo & Crow and Tanner Bingaman's Pretty Big Garden.

I have watched Tanner play to a crowd divided between staunch folk traditionalists and singer-songwriter fans, and win over both crowds by end of the set. I’m constantly drawn in by the honesty, humor, impressive musicianship, and disarmingly unique songwriting that runs through the core of a Tanner Bingaman performance.” - Peter Winter Lee, Executive Director of SFMS

— Susquehanna Folk Music Society


Susquehanna Folk Music Society Emerging Artist of the Year (Tanner Bingaman, 2021)

Mike Auldridge Instrumental Composition Contest - Placement for the tune "Mozambique" - (Tanner Bingaman, 2022)

Central Pennsylvania Music Hall of Fame - Best Folk Artist nominee (Tanner Bingaman, 2023)

Featured artist on NPR's WITF Music (Tanjo & Crow, 2023)

Featured artist on NPR's WITF Music (Tanner Bingaman's Pretty Big Garden, coming spring of 2024)

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