Herein features a sampling of the published poetic ramblings (see left column) and philosophical essays (see right column) from Tanner's academic work regarding social justice issues and livelihood work involving farming and music. All of the poems represented here on the site have been published either in print or electronically by a third party, while there are still many more waiting for larger representation in a publisher's home. The essays provided are made available to the public for educational use and are still in need of representation in a professional print setting. Please visit the contact section and inquire via email for further information regarding reprint, use, or sharing of these pieces.

These Woods 


My mother says she hates these 

woods, I don’t like the vibes here. 

I feel different I guess. 


Sometimes I picture myself as a kid 

again, peeling back secrets of 

the creek bank, overturning 

mossy edges and chasing 

darting minnows, holed net in hand 


Sometimes I think I should have 

stayed there, my body cloaked by 

the trickling waters, food 

for the underfed native trout. 


On mornings like this there is a 

thickness in the air 

and then, 

(it may just be the cadium-coated 

mug I’m sipping from) 

I don’t like the vibes here either. 


I don’t hate these woods, but 

what is the word for 

wishing to roll oneself calmly off 

a shallow embankment, watch the world 

dissipate through a wet lens, 

blow your last breaths 

studying intently the leaf-framed sky? 


(These Woods was first published in Warren of Bloomsburg University, April 2017)






I would love to be the piece 

dancing over the papillary meadow of your tongue 

milling and sliding 

over the snow-capped peaks of your incisors 

But I wouldn’t mind either, being the unwanted glob 

stuck fast to the underside of a school chair 

left with just enough elasticity 

to change my wandering ways, 

harden up, 

and find a permanent home. 


(Gum was first published by Twelve Point Collective, June 2017)




“These women are supposed to come see me but they never do… there’s the one who dances with a boa constrictor and writes every four weeks.” -Charles Bukowski 




blue cheese and chili peppers? 

the Red Hot’s could have 

named themselves that and I may dig 

on them a bit more.


I want to be that bathroom fly 

on the wall, listening to your salty piss 

trickle down stained porcelain. 


do all these machines of ours 

set an uncensored metronome? 

madness, jubilee, overzealous 

batteries rack rack 

racking on hearts and brains. 


there’s this dream from 

some film where a girl 

reaches into the toilet and 

pulls out a rattlesnake, rips 

its head clean off 

like a champagne top. 

she puts the head in my sheets. 


I keep waking up angry 

that she put it there. 


there’s a rattlesnake head 

in my sheets. 


(Dreams was first featured by Dodging the Rain, September 2017)

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